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The Media Elitist Recommends....ANACOSTIA:The Series(Sex, Betrayal, Kidnapping, and a Dog Named Pussy)

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This blog is entitled I Am...The Media Elitist because I love all forms of mass media. Whether it is television, radio, movies, or internet, I love diving into them and seeking out the educational or entertainment value. I also have a tendency to be quite critical and set the bar high in terms of quality. Every now and then, something comes across my radar that is so outstanding that I fall in love. When I find a new blog that I enjoy, I will go back and read the archives. I will eagerly anticipate sequels of movies I love. Basically, once I become a fan, I'm a fan for a long time.

Currently, I am intrigued by the web series ANACOSTIA. Created by native Washingtonian Anthony Anderson, ANACOSTIA is quite possibly the juiciest series you may ever watch. Seriously. This show has everything. There is a “who done it” murder mystery, kidnapping, resurrections from the “dead,” infidelity, romance, betrayal, alcohol abuse, a pimp, and a dog named Pussy. The fact that ANACOSTIA is shot on location in the Washington, DC area(with a great deal of it taking place in the namesake neighborhood in Southeast DC) and includes a majority African American cast makes the experience even more enjoyable.

ANACOSTIA truly is an experience because it goes far beyond just watching an episode and going on with my day. Here is how things usually go: I see a message on ANACOSTIA's Facebook fan page or Twitter page announcing that a new episode is available for viewing. Then I rush to the Vimeo page to watch it. Usually, I am pausing several times throughout to gasp/laugh aloud and many times I have to rewind to make sure I didn't miss anything. On average, the episode are about 15 minutes so you have to pay close attention so you don't miss any key plot points. Now, the best part of the experience is interacting with other fans via Twitter. Many of us tweet while we watch the show, expressing shock at character antics and theorizing on what is to come. Sometimes another fan notices something I missed or has a feel about the motives of a character that differs from own. So much occurs in the episodes and part of the beauty of ANACOSTIA is that you're always left with tons of questions and wanting more(I'm convinced that Anthony Anderson is the king of cliffhangers). I'm sure that our tweets about the show are extremely confusing to anyone who doesn't watch. That is why I'm always pleased to educate anyone who messages me asking, “What in the world is this ANACOSTIA that you keep talking about?!”

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the ANACOSTIA brunch and award nomination celebration. Held at Twelve Restaurant & Lounge, the event was sponsored by Mr. Briggs Management, LLC (Interesting note, I went to high school with the founder of Mr. Briggs Management. Go SWW!). It was a laid-back scene with mimosas flowing and delicious food being served. Attendees watched select episodes from season 2 and then engaged in a Q&A session with the cast. It was inspiring to learn that one reason why Anthony Anderson created the show was to fill the void of limited job opportunities for actors in DC. Because he saw an issue and was proactive enough to work towards fixing it, many actors in our area are able to further pursue their craft. Phenomenal!

I can wax nostalgic about how much I love ANACOSTIA(which I really do) but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the outstanding cast. You can see growth from week to week, as the actors push their characters just a bit further. The on-screen chemistry—whether it is between friends, lovers, or enemies—has an intense level realism. My final note about the cast of the cast of ANACOSTIA is this: They are truly genuine people. Instead of witnessing a lot of overly inflated egos, I saw a group of people who really get along. I watched the way they interacted with each other—they danced and joked around with the comfort of lifelong friends. They were also extremely appreciative of all the fans for their support.

Dearest readers, The Media Elitist highly recommends watching ANACOSTIA. The show is not only entertaining, but it also tackles very real issue with a lot of heart. Catch up on previous episodes here and be sure to tune into the Season 2 finale this Friday!

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