Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Media Elitist Recommends....ANACOSTIA:The Series(Sex, Betrayal, Kidnapping, and a Dog Named Pussy)

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This blog is entitled I Am...The Media Elitist because I love all forms of mass media. Whether it is television, radio, movies, or internet, I love diving into them and seeking out the educational or entertainment value. I also have a tendency to be quite critical and set the bar high in terms of quality. Every now and then, something comes across my radar that is so outstanding that I fall in love. When I find a new blog that I enjoy, I will go back and read the archives. I will eagerly anticipate sequels of movies I love. Basically, once I become a fan, I'm a fan for a long time.

Currently, I am intrigued by the web series ANACOSTIA. Created by native Washingtonian Anthony Anderson, ANACOSTIA is quite possibly the juiciest series you may ever watch. Seriously. This show has everything. There is a “who done it” murder mystery, kidnapping, resurrections from the “dead,” infidelity, romance, betrayal, alcohol abuse, a pimp, and a dog named Pussy. The fact that ANACOSTIA is shot on location in the Washington, DC area(with a great deal of it taking place in the namesake neighborhood in Southeast DC) and includes a majority African American cast makes the experience even more enjoyable.

ANACOSTIA truly is an experience because it goes far beyond just watching an episode and going on with my day. Here is how things usually go: I see a message on ANACOSTIA's Facebook fan page or Twitter page announcing that a new episode is available for viewing. Then I rush to the Vimeo page to watch it. Usually, I am pausing several times throughout to gasp/laugh aloud and many times I have to rewind to make sure I didn't miss anything. On average, the episode are about 15 minutes so you have to pay close attention so you don't miss any key plot points. Now, the best part of the experience is interacting with other fans via Twitter. Many of us tweet while we watch the show, expressing shock at character antics and theorizing on what is to come. Sometimes another fan notices something I missed or has a feel about the motives of a character that differs from own. So much occurs in the episodes and part of the beauty of ANACOSTIA is that you're always left with tons of questions and wanting more(I'm convinced that Anthony Anderson is the king of cliffhangers). I'm sure that our tweets about the show are extremely confusing to anyone who doesn't watch. That is why I'm always pleased to educate anyone who messages me asking, “What in the world is this ANACOSTIA that you keep talking about?!”

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the ANACOSTIA brunch and award nomination celebration. Held at Twelve Restaurant & Lounge, the event was sponsored by Mr. Briggs Management, LLC (Interesting note, I went to high school with the founder of Mr. Briggs Management. Go SWW!). It was a laid-back scene with mimosas flowing and delicious food being served. Attendees watched select episodes from season 2 and then engaged in a Q&A session with the cast. It was inspiring to learn that one reason why Anthony Anderson created the show was to fill the void of limited job opportunities for actors in DC. Because he saw an issue and was proactive enough to work towards fixing it, many actors in our area are able to further pursue their craft. Phenomenal!

I can wax nostalgic about how much I love ANACOSTIA(which I really do) but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the outstanding cast. You can see growth from week to week, as the actors push their characters just a bit further. The on-screen chemistry—whether it is between friends, lovers, or enemies—has an intense level realism. My final note about the cast of the cast of ANACOSTIA is this: They are truly genuine people. Instead of witnessing a lot of overly inflated egos, I saw a group of people who really get along. I watched the way they interacted with each other—they danced and joked around with the comfort of lifelong friends. They were also extremely appreciative of all the fans for their support.

Dearest readers, The Media Elitist highly recommends watching ANACOSTIA. The show is not only entertaining, but it also tackles very real issue with a lot of heart. Catch up on previous episodes here and be sure to tune into the Season 2 finale this Friday!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

30 Day Letter Writing Challenge

I have a confession: Starting and keeping up with this blog is very difficult for me.  While I love to write, I often question my abilities.  This is especially true when I know someone else is going to read my work.  Wondering if they'll enjoy it or understand it makes me obsess over every paragraph, sentence, and word. It's actually quite annoying.

So, despite my initial apprehension, I've decided to take on the 30 Day Letter Writing Challenge to challenge myself and what I think I am capable of accomplishing.  I'm taking on the challenge because the writer in me is hiding and I need to let her know that it's time step out proudly into the world!

Below are the details for the challenge. Try it yourself--you don't have to send them or share them.  Just write them and see where the process leads you.  And, of course, check back here for some of my letters that will be posted. Dearest readers, you are also my witnesses--I will start and complete this challenge! *nods firmly and puts foot down*

The 30 Day Letter Challenge
Day 1 — Your Best Friend
Day 2 — Your Crush
Day 3 — Your parents
Day 4 — Your sibling (or closest relative)
Day 5 — Your dreams
Day 6 — A stranger
Day 7 — Your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush
Day 8 — Your favorite internet friend
Day 9 — Someone you wish you could meet
Day 10 — Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to
Day 11 — A Deceased person you wish you could talk to
Day 12 — The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain
Day 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you
Day 14 — Someone you’ve drifted away from
Day 15 — The person you miss the most
Day 16 — Someone that’s not in your state/country
Day 17 — Someone from your childhood
Day 18 — The person that you wish you could be
Day 19 — Someone that pesters your mind—good or bad
Day 20 — The one that broke your heart the hardest
Day 21 — Someone you judged by their first impression
Day 22 — Someone you want to give a second chance to
Day 23 — The last person you kissed
Day 24 — The person that gave you your favorite memory
Day 25 — The person you know that is going through the worst of times
Day 26 — The last person you made a pinky promise to
Day 27 — The friendliest person you knew for only one day
Day 28 — Someone that changed your life
Day 29 — The person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to
Day 30 — Your reflection in the mirror

Monday, January 10, 2011

How to Ctrl+Alt+Delete Yourself Right Out of A Marriage

      When we think of the sanctity of marriage, we often think of trading in “me, myself, and I” ways of being for an inclusive “us/we.” We think of joining into a union with someone we love and respect. Somewhere along the line Michigan couple Clara Walker and her husband Leon lost this in their own marriage. While the accounts that the now-divorced couple gave to ABC Nightline reporter Bill Weir differed, the one thing they agree on is that their relationship was rocky from the very beginning. 

      The couple met and fell in love in the workplace. After welcoming a daughter into the world, they decided to give the family life a try and get married. Early on communication proved an issue and many of their conversations took place via email. During a time when the two were essentially living as roommates, Clara reopened communication with her second husband(who she filed a report against during their marriage for physically assaulting her in front of her son) and allegedly began an affair with him.

      Now this is where things get dicey. On the Nightline report, Clara says that when this took place, her relationship with Leon was at a low point(she did not, however, say they were separated or making strides towards dissolving their marriage). When Leon became aware that his wife was communicating with her ex-husband, he went through her email to gather more information. His reasoning was that because of their violent history, the safety of a child was on the line.

      As a result of his actions, Leon Walker faces a possible sentence of 5 years in prison for reading his wife's email. Prosecutors are citing a Michigan statute that is usually applied to cases of identity fraud and trade secret theft. There is argument as to whether or not Clara left her email passwords in a public place, or if Leon was able to guess them. Either way, Clara Walker's legal team are likening Leon's actions to that of a hacker.

      Now that the facts are on the table, can I be completely honest with you? I have a few issues with this whole situation. First of all, a married person seeking legal representation because their spouse read their email on a computer in their shared household seems a bit extreme. Yes, privacy is just as an important to a married person as it is to a single person. But it seems like the action of a guilty person. If you have nothing to hide and your behavior is on the up&up, why should it matter that your emails are read? Secondly, I just don't trust Clara Walker. There, I said it. I watched her interviews on Nightline really closely. Her tears seemed...forced. Like the kind a child squeezes out in an attempt to not get in trouble. Considering that all this greatly impacts her children(specifically her daughter with Leon), it would have been nice to understand just why she felt so violated. What exactly made her want to try this out in the legal system? Nothing she said seemed to get to the heart of the matter. Finally, the potential punishment does not fit the crime. 5 years in prison?? Calling the man a hacker? I know I don't know much about law but that seems outlandish.

      I was still feeling indignant over this story the day after watching the special. Then one of my married friends said something that made me go hmmm....

“Internet snooping is wack, even between spouses. Get your self-esteem up. You look for something, you find it.”

     Well tell us how you really feel!!! ;-) That made perfectly good sense to me(although I still don't trust Clara Walker) and made me wonder: Did Leon Walker ever try talking to his wife before going through her email? Did Clara try talking to Leon before seeing a lawyer? Were their actions fueled by their crumbling marriage and a desire to end things?

Dearest readers, what are your thoughts on this case? 

For those of you who are married(or close to it) is internet spying a deal breaker between you and your significant other?
Would you/have you ever gone through a significant others email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.?
Do you think this case needs to be tried out in court?
Have you seen interviews with the Walker's? What was your impression of them?

I'd love to hear from you!