Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Write!

Hello Dearest Readers. I know that, once again, it's been a while since I posted on here. However, I am hopeful that my current adventure will go a long way towards changing that. Oh? What's my current adventure? Well I'm glad you asked.

I am currently participating in a 2 week writing workshop.We're mostly focusing on fiction writing and it's been amazing to be surrounded by people who not only love to write but are great at it! Just in week 1 we've done things like:
  • Work on character profiles 
  • Write in Central Park
  • Meet with an acquisitions editor for a publishing company
  • Sit in Barnes&Noble and use photography books as writing inspiration (This, by the way, is a phenomenal idea! I highly recommend it)
  • Study story stucture
  • Meet with other writers and share feedback
  • Watch various movie that exemplify strong writing and character development 
  • Spend LOTS of time walking around New York City. No exaggeration. We did about 5 miles in ONE day.
  • Ate lots of good food(4 words: Dallas BBQ sticky wings), seen crazy sights(a messenger got pushed off his bike for not apologizing to someone), and laughed harder than should be allowed(more jokes than I could reference here)
I was so nervous when I was traveling to New Jersey for this workshop and now I can't remember why. This journey was just what I needed--a kick in the pants to take my writing more seriously. We're laying the groundwork for writing a novel. That is MAJOR! I can only hope that I keep this momentum up when I return home.

 Well all, that's it for now. I'll be back with a week 2 wrap-up to let you all know how everything worked out. Thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bring Back TV Theme Songs!!

        The other day I made a very important revelation: I miss TV theme songs.

      Now before you start laughing and thinking, "The Media Elitist has lost it" please hear me out!  Part of the fun of the television watching experience is the opening sequence and theme song. Think about it: It's 8PM and your favorite show is about to come on.  You've waited all week to see what was going to happen to your favorite character. You see the first glimpses of the opening credits and your excitements grows. Then the opening notes of the theme song kick in and, if you're anything like me, you start singing along.

West Philadelphia, born and raised on the playground is where I spent most of my days...

It's a rare condition,this day and age to read any good news on the newspaper page...  

We are living...single...and in a 90's kinda world I'm glad I got my girls.

Keepin' your head above water...makin' a way when you can...

Shakin' up the family tree with sibling synchronicity.... 

Here's our chance to make it...and if we focus on our can dish it we can take it, just remember that you've been told--it's a different world...

And just like that, the tone was set. You were officially ready to enjoy your show. Whether the theme song was light and fun, or serious and meaningful, they all lent something extra to your favorite TV show.

Dearest Readers, what are some of your all-time favorite TV theme songs?? You ready to start a 'bring back TV theme songs" movement with me? Or do you just think I'm reminiscing too much? Whatever the thought, let a sista know! 

Some of My Personal Favorites...

Extra credit to anyone who can A)Identify all the shows in the lyrics I quoted above AND B)Knows the words to the extended version of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. No Googling! ;-)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear Nicki Minaj--Why??

Yesterday evening one of my Twitter followers posted a link to the new Nicki Minaj video for her single "Super Bass." Being the curious(read:glutton for punishment) person that I am, I decided to watch it.  So what did I think?

Well....I've often been told that if you don't have something nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. I 've never believed in that. However, I will state one positive: The song is cute, has a nice beat, and is extremely catchy.

Now that I got that out of the way, can I be real with you all? Great. Thanks!

I realize why I can't get with Nicki Minaj.  She is always doing the very most with the very least.  Watching this video was like being in Barbie's dream house that got caught in a pink bubble and pink Bubble Yum exploded everywhere. In short, it was sensory overload. 

I have some questions though.  Perhaps if I get answers, it will help me understand and appreciate Ms. Minaj's vision. Okay, it's not very likely but let's roll with this anyway.

  • What is with Nicki and these cheap, wet n wavy wigs she insists on wearing?? Does she think they look good?? *whispers* Hey Nicki....they don't!! 
  • The backup dancers dressed like her...umm...let's just say that Pink Friday lipstick doesn't work for everyone. And I'll just leave it at that.
  • Speaking of dancing--why does Nicki insist on doing so in her videos? She's no Beyonce or Rihanna buut she's certainly no Mary J. Blige either. She reminds me of the cute girl in the club who can shake her ass and do a mean two step. And that's AWESOME. But ass shakin' and two steppin' does not an amazing music video make. Just saying. 
  • Around the 1:26 mark she starts pouring the pink liquid on herself and one of the male models. Uhhh..what IS that stuff??!?? Am I wrong for thinking it looks like Pepto-Bismol?
Okay...enough from me. Take a look yourself. What do you think? Hot video for a hot song? Is it just a fun video?

OH!!!! I almost forgot one major positive about the video! The guys. The yummy, yummy, muscular guys. *happy smile*

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I'm Feelin'--Kelly Rowland's "Motivation"

You gotta give Kelly Rowland credit.  She is determined to make this music thing work.  And good for her! She is certainly talented and with singles like "Dilemma" and "Like This" under her belt, there is no denying that she can produce a hot song. Besides, Beyonce and Rihanna heavily dominate amongst African American women doing R&B/pop music. Personally, I find any break in the monotony extremely refreshing.

But I digress.

"Motivation," Rowland's latest single featuring rapper Lil Wayne is a sensual number that finds her directing her "lover." In short, she wants his hands all over her body and to get it put it down so nicely that she can't feel her legs afterward. *fans self* Well alright Kelly!!! The video continues the sexy vibe with steamy, sweaty men, tons of making out, and Miss Kelly serving with hot dances moves and lots of exposed leg. Seriously. I have leg envy when it comes to Kelly. They just go on for daaays! But again, I digress.

Dearest readers, I am really feelin' Kelly Rowland's "Motivation" and really hope it a sign of continued success. I just have 1 question: Why do ya'll think she hasn't been able to gain more fame here in the United States?

Is it the Beyonce effect?
Is her music not her music just not that great?
Does she need better marketing?
Would some type of scandal or dating another celeb help(kidding...kinda)?

Let a sista know!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Chris Brown Effect

 By now I'm sure that you've all heard about the latest Chris Brown fiasco: He goes on Good Morning America to promote his new album, gets questioned about his history with Rihanna, is unsuccessful in his attempts to change the topic, goes backstage and flips completely out--screaming, hopping in the face of a segment producer, and smashing the window in his dressing room with a chair. *sarcastic applause* Way to go Chris....way to go.

I'm sure this topic is one that you've heard about over and over in the past two days.  And honestly, knowing our society, it might linger around for a bit longer. But I'm not here to rehash the incident.  I'm actually not even here to condemn Chris or discuss his obvious problems(okay, maybe a some of the latter).

Here is what I am here to discuss: I need to understand the thought process the average person goes through when they hear about the latest celebrity scandal.  Since news of Chris Brown broke, I've literally stared at my computer screen with my mouth wide open in shock at what grown people consider "logic."  The reactions generally fall into 3 basic categories:

Excuse: "Robin Roberts baited him!" "Why can't they just let Chris live?!" "The situation with Rihanna was so long ago. Why can't they just move on?"
Denial: "We don't know what's going on in his head so we can't judge"
Misplaced Blame: "Why does the media praise Charlie Sheen and criticize Chris Brown?"

Let's tackle these one-by-one. For the Excuse people, the first issue is that A)You're making excuses and B)You're making excuses for a grown man.  Nobody is trying to prevent Brown from living.  If anything,  saying "Hey! You have serious anger issues and need to get real help", is a sign that some people want him to live and be the best person possible. Furthermore, how can an adult get "baited?" He knows it happened. He can prefer to not answer questions about it(which I understand completely) but he should know how to properly handle it if/when it comes up.  Handling it properly does not include having a public hissy fit.

Denial people--really???( I promise I'm not making this stuff up--someone actually said it!!) If I'm given facts I can compile those to make a logical/reasonable conclusion. I shouldn't have to also be a mind reader. If that was the case then news reporters&analysts would be out of jobs.

Misplaced Blame-- *sigh* This is a really popular one the irks me to my very core. So we want to compare Chris Brown to Charlie Sheen? And we really think this is logical???? Okay. Here is the biggest flaw with that: They BOTH have done things that are wrong and they BOTH need to step away from the limelight and get help. That line of "reasoning" sounds like a child trying to get their parent to let them do something because their friend can. And what do most parents say to that? "I don't care what your friends do--I care about YOU and what goes on in MY house." Same thing here. Nothing about Sheen's situation will help Brown out so why drag him into it? 
  Furthermore, how can you ignore the glaring difference between the two--Charlie Sheen comes from a family of Hollywood heavy hitters. The chances of his name not carrying him above and beyond all his drama is slim to none. Sad to say, Chris Brown is small potatoes by comparison.  His fan base could barely carry him to the corner store.

Here is the bottom line: I don't care what Robin Roberts asked him. I don't care if he never wants to speak on Rihanna again. I don't even care if she insulted him in 6 different languages.  He is an adult and should act as such. If any of us went Hulk and started destroying stuff just because we were annoyed or mad, there would be consequences. No excuses--consequences. No coddling--CONSEQUENCES!!

It isn't a matter of "hating" or "keeping him down." Look at the signs--his history of witnessing abuse, his acts of abuse, lashing out in anger, using Twitter to vent(only to have to go back and delete tweets), even the increased bravado in his music all indicate someone who is troubled and trying desperately to cover it up. Yet so many people seem dead set on protecting, defending, and excusing Brown at every turn.

But...why? No seriously. I want to understand why some people are inclined to do everything under the sun but advocate for his mental and emotional well-being? I look at Chris Brown and see a man who could easily be my brother or cousin. So I think--what would I want for my family in such a situation? I believe I'd want to help them stop a downward spiral and get them the help they needed. I would want to remove any enablers/yes-men because they'd never tackle the issue head on. A lot of the comments I've seen are completely ignoring the very real and obvious indications of anger issues and that concerns me. Try stripping away his celebrity. Don't think about him as an artist whose music you love. Just think about him as a man--someone in your own family, the guy you see everyday at work. Does that change the outlook any?

We are a celebrity focused society. We admire them for the entertainment they provide. We become fascinated with their every move.  But when it comes to critical matters that impact their well-being as a person, it is difficult for many to change their outlook and be supportive.  I pray this can change soon.

The floor is open.....any comments? Agree/disagree? Let a sista know!

It's Been A Long Time....

*waves* Heeey Dearest Readers!!! I know, I know. It's been ages since I blogged.  Initially, it was just because I needed to focus on writing submissions for various writing workshops.  Then that tumbled into me wanting a break from writing. That in turn tumbled into my very tunnel-visioned focus on planning for the graduate school application process and preparing for my birthday. A lot was going on and I basically learned that when my mind is focused on too many different things, something is bound to suffer.

At any rate, I'm back, I'm focused, I'm ready to take this blog to new heights. Hope you're ready for the ride!

It's a celebration!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Media Elitist Reviews...I Am Number Four

  **Warning:Mild Spoilers**
    Generally speaking, I am not a fan of action movies. Elaborate chase scenes and dramatic fight sequences do little to impress me.  So imagine my surprise when I found the previews for I Am Number Four intriguing.  Imagine my further surprise when, after seeing the movie Friday evening, I realized that I really enjoyed it.

   Now let's be clear: I Am Number Four is far from a masterpiece.  It spends far too long providing backgrounds stories for the main characters and establishing the romantic relationship between Number Four aka John Smith(Alex Pettyfer) and Sara( Glee's Dianna Agron). However, the film truly shines when creating a sense of suspense and keeping viewers(at least this viewer) on the edge of their seats.  Alas, I am getting ahead of myself.  The premise of the movie is this:

   The planet Lorien was destroyed by the Mogadorians invaders.  Because of this, nine babies were sent to Earth to escape their terror.  Years have passed and the Mogadorians are hunting down the elite children of Lorien, one by one. One through Three are dead and now they are hunting down Number Four.  Assisting him is Henri(Timothy Olyphant), his assigned protector and Sam(Callan McAuliffe),the son of a Lorien supporter.  The Mogadorians kill Henri, leaving Number Four to fully come into his powers and use them protect himself and his loved ones.

   This is where the film picks up drastically.  Number Four is evading the police and Mogadorians at every turn, his safety remaining questionable.  He meets up with Number Six and the two join forces in a raging battle against the Mogadorian soldiers. It is a fast-paced swirl of constant action as the two use their powers of super strength, speed, energy infused hands, and control over the elements in their battle against their enemy. There are many close calls but in the end Number Four and Number Six are victorious in their endeavors. They even get a clue leading them to another one of their fellow Lorien survivors(which, of course, leaves the door wide open for a sequel).

   All in all, I felt this flick was quite enjoyable.  The action sequences were engaging (also terrifying at times) and everything leading up to it had me holding my breath in anticipation.  While the acting wasn't exactly memorable, the actors played their roles with a certain level of comfort.  I would have loved more background information on the planet Lorien and the journey of the nine children to Earth.  Hopefully this will get addressed in future projects.

I Am Number Four is a pretty interesting film.  If you get a chance to see it, please share your thoughts here!