Monday, November 29, 2010

Music Monday-- Fresh by tabi Bonney (Album Review)

If you haven't heard of tabi Bonney yet, don't worry—you will soon enough.  This Togo, West African born, Washington, DC reared MC is using his world citizen point of view to create unique and spectacular music.  Bonney first gained notoriety on the DC scene with such singles as “The Pocket,” a fun track that incorporates some DC specific slang.  Widening his scope beyond the District, tabi Bonney is increasingly becoming a household name throughout the world thanks to a strong internet presence ( he does a remarkable job of responding to his Twitter followers), consistent video play on television (MTV keeps his videos in regular rotation), and an impressive tour schedule (he announced on Twitter that he's heading to China soon).

            Bonney's album Fresh was released on the 22nd and it expounds upon the foundation he laid in earlier projects.  The music is feel good and seems perfect for long drives in the car.  The words paint vivid pictures—one minute you're with Bonney as he hustles to make money and the imagining the woman that makes him feel like he can reach brand new heights.

            Here are the top 5 songs from Fresh that you must check out.  Listen to the album and let me know your faves!

#5 Sunlight: This song is about building a future for oneself and striving for the best.  Bonus? It has an extremely beautiful beat.  It feels like it can transport you to another place.

#4 Fever: This song features R&B star Raheem DeVaughn and! It showcases Bonney in a flirtatious manner trying to “get” girl. With this smoldering track there is no doubt that he's successful.

#3 Nuthin' But A Hero: Captivating beat aside, this track motivates listeners to follow in the footsteps of tabi Bonney and follow their dreams. “Cuz I'm always on the grind every day, every night/ I'm tryna figure out how to make it/if you gotta dream better make sure you chase it/cuz I live mine/I don't work a 9 to 5 I just rhyme”

#2 Galaxy: This futuristic tune finds tabi Bonney meeting a woman who makes him feel like he can fly to the stars. Listeners will be able to relate to this ode to the prototype.

#1 Make a Killing: There are many reasons why this song gets the #1 spot on my list.  Firstly, the beat immediately grabs you by the ear and demands your attention.  Secondly, the song has an arrogant air that makes it a bit more interesting. Lines like, “And you don't need to like me—I don't need no more new friends” jump out immediately.  Thirdly, the track is so easy to relate to. I mean who isn't trying to make a killing and gain prosperity?

Check out Fresh by tabi Bonney available on iTunes, Downtown Locker Room, FYE, and other fine music retailers!


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