Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I'm Feelin'--Kelly Rowland's "Motivation"

You gotta give Kelly Rowland credit.  She is determined to make this music thing work.  And good for her! She is certainly talented and with singles like "Dilemma" and "Like This" under her belt, there is no denying that she can produce a hot song. Besides, Beyonce and Rihanna heavily dominate amongst African American women doing R&B/pop music. Personally, I find any break in the monotony extremely refreshing.

But I digress.

"Motivation," Rowland's latest single featuring rapper Lil Wayne is a sensual number that finds her directing her "lover." In short, she wants his hands all over her body and to get it put it down so nicely that she can't feel her legs afterward. *fans self* Well alright Kelly!!! The video continues the sexy vibe with steamy, sweaty men, tons of making out, and Miss Kelly serving with hot dances moves and lots of exposed leg. Seriously. I have leg envy when it comes to Kelly. They just go on for daaays! But again, I digress.

Dearest readers, I am really feelin' Kelly Rowland's "Motivation" and really hope it a sign of continued success. I just have 1 question: Why do ya'll think she hasn't been able to gain more fame here in the United States?

Is it the Beyonce effect?
Is her music not her music just not that great?
Does she need better marketing?
Would some type of scandal or dating another celeb help(kidding...kinda)?

Let a sista know!


  1. Okay 1st off this right here: "She is determined to make this music thing work" made me chuckle!! She really isn't taking sit down for an answer is she?

    I think Kelly is going to have to go a bit more grass roots ala Marsha Ambrosious. She needs to perform whenever & wherever. She needs people to say "you know what...that girl is taleneted." Putting out a decent song no matter how many albums you've sold or how many Grammys you have doesn't matter when you're trying to break out a real solo artists.

  2. @Lovelydai: She really isn't!! LoL. I respect that though. Hmm, so you mean she should sorta revamp and then work her way from the bottom up? That makes sense because I feel like I don't see her performing as much as other artists. Marsha A, on the other hand, is everywhere.

  3. The issue I see with Kelly Rowland is Beyonce.... Every time Kelly has a hit song Beyonce throws out a track and seemingly outshines her former background singer...

    Add that with a less than stellar marketing campaign and you have the reason Kelly is essentially a former member of a group vs a solo artist...